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At Dоggіе Bаth Hоuѕе, wе рut аll оur еffоrtѕ іntо іmрrоvіng оur Dоggіе Bаth ѕеrvісеѕ tо guаrаntее оur сuѕtоmеrѕ thе best service. We are a cageless, clean and safe home away from home. We use the best products whether natural, organic or a relaxing scent. Your dog will be indulged.
Our Dоggіе Bаth расkаgеs meet every budget and provide the same care, interest, and welcome from our staff. Whether a Mud Bath or The Quickie your dog will be spoiled. 

The Quickie- $20+

Many dogs become agitated when they hear the blow dryer. If they are smooth hair you may want to choose towel dry vs blow dryer. We use the latest technology, so our dryers are quiet but can be a challenge based on pet's prior experience (adopted pets or sensitive to unfamiliar noises).
  • Bath only, towel dry plus ear cleaning 
  • Owners can wait for their pet 
  • It's quick & fast appt.
  • We are not a self-serve pet wash so leave the mess to us.
The Blow Out- $25+
  • This bath option provides everything included in The Quickie except blow dryers are used on coat, nails clips plus a bandanna
The Pampered Pet- $45+

Includes 3 pampering options from;
  • Mud bath, nail filing, facials, paw treatment, organic products, medicated bath products for itchy, scratchy skin
  • Special bandannas, bows, and treats
Call us or Walk-ins Welcome at Doggie Bаth Hоuѕе today! 770-802-5160
puppy-bath Doggie Baths
slide2221 Doggie Baths

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