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Education, Experience, Passion and Love for Dogs


One of the key owners is Lisa Hawkins. As a child brought stray dogs home off the streets of New York City. She bathed them, snuck them in her bed and did her best to beg, borrow and bribe to keep the dogs. She didn’t have a pet growing up due to expense and care. She vowed that when she grew up she would have her own place and many dogs.

 Lisa has a B.S from Syracuse University and MBA in Management from Cornell University. When Lisa got married the first thing she did was get a dog from the local shelter. Her first dog was Sammy, a black Labrador Retriever. She has always had multiple dogs as companions. While in corporate America Lisa started a grooming and pet sitting business in Denver, Colorado. Lisa’ s client competed in dog shows and won which got her name out there with no money ever spent on advertising. Lisa had the opportunity to work in animal health and nutrition for Colgate Palmolive- Science Diet. Her team of veterinarians trained doctors at top vet schools and hospitals throughout the country in disease prevention and pet nutrition.

Your pet is in good hands.

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